Aerial Dance Studio Regulations

The regulations for participation in classes, hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”, apply to all persons who participate in them, hereinafter referred to as “Participants”. Classes are taught by Aerial Dance Studio, which is referred to in the regulations as the “Organizer”.

  • I General rules

    1. Participation in classes is allowed under the condition that the “Aerial Dance Studio Member Declaration”, hereinafter referred to as the “Declaration” will be filled and signed by participant or parent / legal guardian.
    2. Classes participator or the child’s guardia takes full responsibility for any action not in compliance with these rules.
    3. In case of minority of the class participant, the parent or legal guardian must sign the consent for participation in the classes included in the Declaration.
    4. The participant is covered by NNW group insurance purchased by the Organizer.
    5. Signing up for Aerial Dance Studio (hereinafter referred to as “ADS”)  classes means accepting and compliance to these rules and regulations.
    6. ADS reserves the right to any change any time in these rules, information about which will be given at, together with its full content.
  • II Signing up

    1. Sining up for ADS classes takes place electronically, by sending an e-mail to: (the preferred method), by on-line form or directly with the instructor before classes
    2. The e-mail should contain: Name and surname, age, phone number and the name of the classes one wants to join.


      Alice Smith, 25 years old, phone number: 501123123, AERIAL HOOP/Mondays, 19:45h;

      in case of a child signing up, the e-mail should contain: name or surname and age of the child, name and surname of the parent or guardian,phone number of the parent or guardian and the name of classes the child is to join.:

      Alice Smith,10 years, Anne Smith, phone number: 501123123, Mondays and Wednesdays 18:30 -19:30.

    3. In case of signing up for a trial class, please include the date of the class.
    4. In case of a money transfer for a subscription to a chosen group, please give the exact date of the first classes from the new subscription.
    5. Signing up for ADS classes means acceptance to processing personal details by ADS for the purpose of informing or marketing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29/08/1997 (Dz. Ust. No. 133, item 883).
  • III Participating in classes and make-up lessons

    1. Participation in ADS classes requires a single-entry ticket or a subscription, prices of which are given at under PRICES
    2. Absence at classes should be reported no later than 3 hours before the start of the classes, with the exception of classes taking place at Korsaka street, where absence should be reported no later than the day before classes. By reporting your absence you won’t block a place for other people waiting for a place.
    3. egardless of the kind of subscription, in case of a pre-reported absence, the absence can be made up for within 60 days during OPEN STUDIO (adults only) or on another group’s classes; under the circumstance of continuing the course. There is no possibility of receiving the payment back. An absence the instructor won’t be informed about in time can not be made up for (the payment is lost)
    4. Making up for classes is impossible within children and teens’ groups that don’t have their counterparts.
    5. After two unreported absences the participant is removed from the list.
  • IV Payments

    1. Up to five days after signing up a payment on account should be made for chosen classes in the amount of 50 PLN with a transfer to the bank account: Magdalena Sztencel ul. Korsaka 6/90, 03-744 Warszawa, BZWBK 53 1090 1043 0000 0001 0755 3206, with the title including: Name and surname, name and time of classes, as in “Alice Smith, aerial hoop, Mondays 19:45”
    2. The payment in advance starts the process of gathering a group and – in case of its creation – is a guarantee of a place on chosen classes, if at least 6 participants are found.
    3. . A subscription can be bought before ADS classes by cash or by a money transfer, while keeping the confirmation of payment.
    4. ADS does not accept returns of subscriptions and does not return money for single missed classes (there is a possibility for making up an absence).
    5. Participants of an existing course are expected to purchase a new subscription before the start of a new period.
  • V Starting classes

    1. While picking classes one should refer to information included in the timetable, as they verify the possibility of signing up for a certain course.
    2. In ase of signing up for a group that hasn’t started yet, participants will be notified about the starting date by e-mail or a text message.
    3. A full payment for classes is mandatory before participating in them.
  • VI Cancelling or rescheduling classes

    1. ADS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes.
    2. In the above case, persons who have made payments are entitled to:

      – a full payment return for the classes (in case of paying for a single entry)

      – ucoming to classes at another date (in case of having a multi-entry pass)

    3. If a participant cancels individual classes more than 12 hours before the classes, the date of the classes ma be changed with no financial consequences for the participant.
  • VII Safety

    1. Everyone participates in the classes for their own responsibility, which means that ADS is not responsible for any accidents of the students (such as injuries) that happen on the school premises.
    2. The classes can not be taken by pregnant women and minors without parent/guardian consent. For obvious reasons persons under influence of drugs or alcohol can not participate either.
    3. Before purchasing an entry for ADS classes, every student should control their health and find out about any contraindications for participation in movement classes offered by the ADS, and inform the instructor about any, even minor, injuries or health problems.
    4. Training is allowed only in the presence of an instructor who should be obeyed at all times.
    5. Appropriate clothing must be worn to avoid injury. A fitting costume that covers legs, armpits and calves is recommended. Wide pantlegs are an impediment!
    6. All classes at ADS start with a warm-up. Persons who come late are required to carry it out themselves.
    7. Earrings, rings, corals bracelets or other jewelery MUST NOT BE WORN while using an aerial prop as they may cause damage both to the person and the equipment. Zippers at belt or calf level (such as pockets or pantlegs) damage the silks!
    8. A room is always dedicated to function as a locker room. ADS does not take responsibility for possesions left there. Taking your expensive belongings to the gym for classes is recommended.
    9. If you feel dizzy, tired or injured immediately stop training and rest. Remember to drink water before, and after exercises.
    10. Workshops atendees should watch and care for each other, to be able to secure or help others, as well as to better remember the exercise.
    11. Everyone has their own pace, so do not try to do exercises done by more experienced students. The first time an exercise is attempted, an instructor must be watching.
    12. You should know what you want to do when you climb the silk. Do not waste energy wondering.
  • VIII Other regulations

    1. It is forbidden to record or photograph any part of the classes without a consent of the instructor and other participants. ADS reserves the right to use photos and videos taken during classes for promotion and information.
    2. OPEN STUDIO must not be abused. It is forbidden to organise one’s own courses under the threat of leaving the location.
    3. Any damage done at the classes’ location by a student is the student’s own financial responsibility.
    4. Only instructors and students can stay in rooms where classes take place. Other persons must have students’ and instructor’s permission.
    5. ADS is located within a school. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to smoke tobacco and use drugs or alcohol.
    6. It is recommended to silence or switch off phones during classes.
    7. The participant is obliged to inform the Organizer about the change of contact details.
    8. Regulations have been drawn up in two identical copies – one for each sides.
    9. Questions not regulated by these rules should be discussed with the instructor.