Silks class for children 8-12 years old

aerial silks, fabrik, tissue

Silks are one of the most recognizable aerial apparatus. The material extending from the ceiling to the floor gives you plenty of opportunities to use it for various types of acrobatics, presenting beautiful figures. Classes begin with familiarizing children with the specifics of this prop, showing how to “work together” in a safe way. We learn to climb, turn upside down and step by step to perform more complicated elements. Then we put them together in a unique dance and acrobatic show, which is presented for our friends and families. Classes are intended for children aged 8-12.

Trainings schedule

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Price list

(8-12 YEARS OLD)


number of entriesprice
single40 PLN
Mini 4 classes / 4 weeks
once a week
150 PLN
Pro 8 classes / 4 weeks
twice a week
260 PLN
Premium 12 classes / 4 weeks
three times a week
360 PLN

The pass is valid for a given number of consecutive classes.

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