Iwona Drzymała

silks | hammock | static trapeze | vertical dance | wall running

Since her childhood, she has been looking for the best way to use her energy. In 2011, she was fascinated by the combination of strength and grace that the aerial dance presents. She started her adventure with silks, and then came time for other props, such as a static trapeze, a hoop and dance on the wall. Currently, she improves her skills at domestic and foreign workshops. For a wider audience, Maria performed in Krakow, Częstochowa and Warsaw, a.o. in the shows of the Variete Warsaw Scene. Sharing her passion with others also gives her a lot of satisfaction. To develop her knowledge, in 2015 she completed a circus pedagogy course and has been working as an instructor at our school for over 3 years. Maria conducts also cyclic workshops on events such as European Juggler Convention (Lublin, 2017)